It’s all about the location, time of year, or even the time of day. Let’s go somewhere unique, and do something special. Let’s capture your Family Portrait in a way that has never been done before.

Whether it’s your baby’s first steps or your family’s most enjoyable holiday vacation, you always want to preserve those memories to make sure that they stay with you forever. Apart from keeping them locked up inside your heart, you can book a session with me.

As your family photographer, I can set you up at the photo studio or we can go somewhere together, and we can capture the most memorable moments for your family so that you can reminisce all the good times for years and years to come.

Schedule a family portrait session with John Ross Photography today, and we’ll create stunning images that will capture the beauty and warmth of the whole family. As your family continues to grow, we’ll keep even the biggest generations together in this fun and hassle-free session that will undoubtedly make your whole family reconnect, all while having fun at the same time!

Celebrate with the most important people in your life. As your family portrait photographer, I may be ready to serve your need as soon as this week! Simply call or email me to schedule your session.


  • It’s normal for most family members to feel awkward and act in unnatural ways when in front of a camera, so just keep in mind how close you are as a family and that this whole photo shoot is no big deal! It will certainly keep the nerves and the pressure off.
  • Hold hands with each other, stand close to each other, or hug one another—all these can make you all feel more comfortable and at ease in front of the camera. It makes for some good cuddle time too!
  • To make everyone feel at ease, try to make each other laugh!
  • Wear casual clothes to make sure you are all comfy and in your element.
  • Show your true colors and just be yourself!
  • More importantly, relax and have fun!
  • If you need more information than you see here, you can check out the Frequently Asked Questions section.


Simple is always best, especially when it comes to pricing. We’ve come up with easy and uncomplicated pricing packages that won’t surprise you with add-ons and unexpected costs—this way, everything is upfront and you can plan the best budget for you, even before you schedule a shoot.

Basic $200

No frills, all thrills. The Basic package is the most classic of all the shoots, and it’s ideal for those who want a timeless look that makes your family a brand icon all on your own. Looking for a simple indoor photo shoot? This would be perfect.

This package includes:

• 20-30 Minutes of Shooting Time (in studio only)
• Single Outfit
• One High Resolution Fully Retouched Image (Extra images are $35/each retouching).

Standard $350

The Standard bundle features an hour together, so that you can showcase the multi-faceted colors of your family. Got some musical instruments you want to bring indoors? Go for it. Want to have an adorable pet tagging along in the grassy park? By all means. We have a full hour to capture your individuality, after all.

This package includes:

• Up to 1 hour of Shooting Time
• 2 High Resolution Fully Retouched Images (Extra images are $35/each retouching).
• About 30 Extra Images will also be available for digital download

Extended $550

Looking for the ultimate and most well-rounded shoot? The Extended package has the whole shebang—from indoor or outdoor options to even multiple outfit changes, so you’ll never have to look back on your session and wonder what you might have missed! The full session is customized just for you, so go ahead and indulge—you deserve it.

This package includes:

• Up to 2 hours of Shooting Time
• Multiple Outfit Changes
• 3 High Resolution Fully Retouched Images (Extra images are $35/each retouching).
• About 60 Extra Images will also be available for digital download

Schedule your Family Portrait Session today.