for Family Portraits

Before the Shoot

• How do I book a session?
You can give me a call or shoot me an email.
Do I need to book in advance?
Accommodating shoots needs to be scheduled. Booking four weeks in advance will give me enough time to prep for your ideal location, wardrobe, styles, and any other logistical planning concerns you might have. If you need it sooner, give me a call anyway. I may be able to get you in.
• Will we do an outdoor shoot or an in-studio shoot?
The shoot is all up to you and the look you want us to go for. We can always prep for some studio time indoors, or go on an adventure and take advantage of natural daylight by shooting on location. If you have a particularly memorable location, we can try to set up a session there. And because it’s understandable for different members of the family to live in widespread geographical areas, we can try to find a location that’s accessible for every family member and not too much of a hassle for them to travel to.
If you have an idea of a location that can add some emotional depth to the photo, such as a garden or a viewpoint that overlooks the city, then why not? Just make sure that whichever area you choose, the location itself will not be a distraction from the family. Just let me know and we’ll get to work.

Prepping for your shoot

Let kids be kids—they always add some life and spontaneity to the shoot. Here are just some of the general recommendations for when you are trying to pick out your outfit for the session:

  • Wear clothes with solid colors, preferably with muted tones to keep them from being too distracting.
  • You can bring a bunch of outfits that we can mix and match together so that you and your family can have some options to choose from. Don’t forget to bring a change of clothes for the kids as well–they might get too hyperactive and sweat through their clothing!
  • Keep jewelry and accessories to a minimum, but try to make sure that when you do bring them, they will bring out what’s unique about your family.
  • Make sure that when you decide to have a haircut, have it at around two weeks prior to our photo session.


At Your Photo Session

• How long will the session take?
Depending on the complexity of the look you want to go for, photo sessions can go from 20 minutes up to 2 hours.
• How do I pose?
I normally don’t want to pose you as that would probably end up with you in an unnatural position that’s not really you. Don’t worry too much about it! I do my best to make my clients feel as relaxed as can be so that your natural behavior, mannerisms, and personality will shine forth. It might sound cliché, but seriously, just be yourself and have a heck of a good time. If you want ideas, just do a Google Search and practice in the mirror.
• What will I wear?
In general, it’s best to stick with darker colors as this will highlight your eyes and your brilliant smile rather than your clothes. If you want to wear lighter colors, stay clear of the ones that match your skin tone if you don’t want to look too washed out.
In general, it’s always a good idea to wear long sleeves as baring arms may be considered inappropriate. Go for clean and wrinkle-free outfits that are in the right size for your body type. The wrong fit makes you look unprofessional, as do bulky and rumpled attire. Stay away from styles that are too trendy and opt instead to choose classic and timeless looks that won’t make your photo look dated.
Anything Else?
You may also want to forego the wacky colors in favor of the ones that help bring out the color of your eyes. For instance, a grey shirt complements blue eyes, while earthy tones are complimentary to brown or green eyes.
Jewelry can be distracting if you wear statement necklaces or elaborate earrings. If you are a female and must wear earrings, they should be studs.
Bring a towel for sweat, as excess shine on the face is troublesome. If you are a female, it would help me a lot if you could bring some type of light foundation or powder.

After the Shoot

• When can I see my photos?
Session editing normally takes 4-5 business days. This involves in-depth retouching of blemishes, breakouts, stray hairs and distracting elements in a photo. We’ll make your features pop and bring focus where focus needs to be. Don’t fret—I always make sure that edits are done subtly so that you still look your own beautiful and natural you.
• How can I order my photo prints?
I will contact you to let you know once your photos are ready, and you can order your prints from me. The prints usually take 2-3 days after the product order.