Professional and Corporate Photography

In business, an image can mean the difference between making the sale and missing the opportunity. High-quality and professional corporate headshots capture the attention of your clients by adding instant personality to marketing materials, public relations efforts, social media, and more.

Branding is basically other people’s perception of you. If you simply let it loose uncontrolled, then your customers will make up their own mind about what they believe you and your brand is all about. With the wealth of options out there for you in this social media-savvy world we live in—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram—controlling your personal branding is now more crucial than ever. The best way to promote efficient personal branding is to tell customers everywhere exactly how they should see you.

I can provide you with professional-quality business headshots that bring your image and brand into focus. With fast, high-resolution digital delivery, John Ross Photography is the perfect solution for your business photography needs.

Individual Headshots: I may be ready to serve your need as soon as this week! Simply call or email to schedule your session.

Business Headshots: Do you have a company or team in need of a consistent photographic look and feel? Of course I can help with that too. I’ll be able to come to your place of business, set up in a conference room, and knock them out in about 10 minutes each. The more I can do at once, the more economies I can make to the pricing. Contact me to discuss specifics.

If you need more help than you see here, you can check out the Frequently Asked Questions section.


One of the most important aspects of achieving brand awareness is business photography. Good, professional, and high-quality business photos can not only help build customer trust, but they can also elevate your brand to new heights.

  • Good Publicity
    Marketing and advertising will both be incomplete without professional business photos. These corporate headshots can add a personal touch to all of your promotional campaigns, and your public relations will be even better by showing off what makes your brand unique.
  • Business Materials
    Intranets, websites, internal landing pages, banners, official business correspondence, letterheads, calling cards, and other what-have-yous—all these and more need professional business photos to help you make the best first impression you can make when you first meet your clients.
  • Business Communications
    How else can you strengthen corporate relations than by enhancing presentations with professional business photos? Adding this personal touch to annual reports, executive meetings, investor dossiers, and newsletters can help improve your brand image and solidify relationships with various stockholders everywhere.
  • Social Networking
    The era of social media is now, and resources such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social networking sites need your corporate photos to connect more personally with your customers. Business Headshots can help provide a more personalized experience for your tech-savvy users who may want to reach out to you and connect via social media, which in turn helps them identify with your brand even more.
  • Employee Awards and Recognition
    A company is only as strong as its employees, and when you have employees who deserve recognition, it’s only fair to provide them with the rewards that they deserve. Good Business Headshots will make your awards even more prestigious, and will make your employees feel that they are indeed valuable assets of the company.


Simple is always best, especially when it comes to pricing. Pricing below is for a single person, at a single location. We’ve come up with easy and uncomplicated pricing packages that won’t surprise you with add-ons and unexpected costs—this way, everything is upfront and you can plan the best budget for you, even before you schedule a shoot.

Basic $150

No frills, all thrills. The Basic package is the most classic of all the shoots, and it’s ideal for those who want a timeless look that makes you a brand icon all on your own. I could match any existing photography done by a previous photographer so that it matches the company’s website and other material.

This package includes:

• 15-20 Minutes of Shooting Time
• Single Outfit
• One High Resolution Fully Retouched Image (Extra images are $50/ea licensing and $35/each retouching).

Standard $300

The Standard bundle features 2 outfit changes, in case you want some extra variety–for example, with and without a jacket.

This package includes:

• Up to 1 hour of Shooting Time
• 2 Outfit Changes
• 2 High Resolution Fully Retouched Images (Extra images are $50/ea licensing and $35/each retouching).
• About 30 Extra Images will also be available for digital download

Extended $400

Looking for the ultimate and most well-rounded shoot? The Extended package has the whole shebang—from indoor or outdoor options to even 5 outfit changes, so you’ll never have to look back on your session and wonder what you might have missed! The full session is designed for someone who wants something corporate (with and without jacket), and then also more casual for social media (with and without ties, glasses, smiles, etc).

This package includes:

• Up to 2 hours of Shooting Time
• 5 Outfit Changes
• 3 High Resolution Fully Retouched Images (Extra images are $50/ea licensing and $35/each retouching).
• About 60 Extra Images will also be available for digital download


I love to shoot an entire office at once. Unfortunately, there are too many variables to give generic pricing online: where, when, how many people? Even the type of background can affect the price (amount of retouching needed). If you can give me a call so we can discuss the specifics, that would be fantastic. That way I can give you an accurate quote with the best price possible.

Schedule your Business Headshot Session today.