John Ross Photography

New Haven Portrait and Headshot Photographer

High Quality Portrait Photography and Retouching

12+ Years ago I had put together a book of my photography. I was showing it around the office and the owner’s wife said “Why are you here?!?” and I have been mulling over that comment ever since.

Most photographers run their images through automatic presets, or a few outsource the retouching. For me, I do everything with a high level of quality from concept to completion. I’ve worked in Printing for 15 years, and Retouching for another 10 after that. I have become internationally known for my beauty and fashion retouching.

What really sets John Ross Photography apart from other photographers in the field? While most photographers shoot first and retouch later, I have a completely unique workflow and mindset when it comes to what I do. I shoot photos with the retouching in mind, knowing full well the various techniques I would be applying on the subject, and using that as a guideline as to how I would shoot the photo session.

With the final polished product in mind first, I bring a whole new perspective to the photoshoot that’s unlike most others within the industry. For me, it’s the best possible look on the subject’s best possible day without anything looking too fake and overdone—and with that, I can deliver a distinct end product that’s subtle, realistic, and perfectly you.

I specialize in Portrait, Corporate, and Lifestyle Photography. When I was in college, I studied illustration and graphic design. When worked for Marvel comics, I spent my days learning about storytelling. Since then, I’ve been working in the printing, photography, retouching, marketing, and graphic design fields for more than 23 years. In that time, I’ve partnered with top agencies such as Arnold, Alcone, and BBDO, as well as corporations such as Bose, Snuggle, WWE and Volkswagon.

But today, I just want to take your picture. It’s something I really enjoy doing.

That’s enough about me—what can I do for you?

John Ross Photography
The Art of Retouching Studio
New Haven, Connecticut